Cycling Marathon – October Trophy 2012


On 13 September, the Center for Environmental Development-Florozon from Skopje, together with the Cycling Federation of Macedonia will organize a 100 kilometres long cycling marathon, on the relation Tetovo-Gostivar-Skopje.

The marathon whose purpose is to promote peace, tolerance and coexistence in the Republic of Macedonia, has a competitive character, so there will also be prizes for the winners. The propositions and the entire documentation for participating in the race are available on the web pages:; For additional information please contact us on: 075 559 168 и 078 430 251,

The race will start from the center of the city of Tetovo in 12 p.m. and the start of the race will be marked with a ceremony by Tetovo Mayor, PhD Sadi Bexheti. The next point is the city of Gostivar from where the participants head towards Skopje. In Skopje there will be a final ceremony for announcing the winners and award giving.

The marathon was financially supported by the US Embassy.


CED Florozon on RIO+20

As a national coordinator of the Access Initiative Network, the President of CED Florozon Mr. Kiril Ristovski took part in the global summit of the Earth Planet that was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil between 20 and 22 June, 2012. Thousand governmental representatives the private sector, NGOs, media and other stakeholders all took part in the summit on which two topics were mainly discussed: green economy in the context of sustainable development poverty eradication and the institutional framework for sustainable development. In the direction of achieving the goals of the key topics, an official text was presented that had been chosen by the official governmental representatives worldwide, during the working sessions. In the future, the text will serve as a platform on which the further strategic international documents will be made, related with the sustainable development, poverty eradication and green economy development.


Certificates of gratitude for support of the activities for improving the rights of disabled people by the Minister Spiro Ristovski

3rd May - The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Spiro Ristovski awarded the Minister in the Japanese Embassy in Vienna, Takeshi Kamiama and the Center for Environmental Democracy - Florozon with certificates for support of the activities for improving the rights of the disabled people. Minister Ristovski informed about a signed grant agreement between the Government of Japan and the Center for Environmental Democracy Florozon intended for partial reconstruction i.e. improvement of the organization of life and work of the children and young people within the Institute for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth with special needs in Skopje.

The Minister in the Japanese Embassy in Vienna, Takeshi Kamiyama says that the goal of all humanitarian deeds is to see smiling faces.


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