Start of the promotional campaign of the Project Development of environmental investigative journalism

The first promotional event as a part of a five event cycle started in Bitola on 23.11.2016. The event took place on the city square Magnolija where promotional material was disseminated to the public containing information in regards to the web portal created by the project – Also, the project team visited the University St. Kliment Ohriski in Bitola, where the Project manager presented the project activities and organized a discussion on the topic “The role of the investigative journalism in the rule of law and in the creation of public policies”. Project representative and media representative hosted on a local radio UCLO FM and on the local Tv station TV Orbis.
The goal of the campaign Is to inform the wider public and the relevant stake holders of the role and the impact of the environmental investigative journalism in the formation and implementation of the environmental public policies and the need for bigger involvement of the public in the decision making processes.


The Project Development of environmental investigative journalism awarded 10 grants

CED Florozon as a part of the sub-granting scheme of the Project Development of environmental investigative journalism awarded 10 grants to Civil society organizations. The financial support is enabled trough the EU Delegation in Skopje and the overall budget for the sub-granting scheme is 45000 EUR. This program will allow creation of environmental investigative stories and will help strengthen the CSO capacities and will also improve the cooperation between the CSOs and the media. The funds will be used for planning, implementation, preparation, research, realization and production of the stories.
The ten awarded organizations are: CSO Planetum from Strumica, CSO Ambrozija form Pehchevo, CSO Egri from Kriva Palanka, CSO Fokus from Veles, CSO Roma Perspective from Prilep, CSO Biosfera 369 form Bitola, CSO Akademik from Krushevo, CSO Novapedia from Skopje, CSO Ekologic from Skopje and CSO Svedok from Skopje.


Повик за ангажирање продукциска куќа

За потребите на проектот „Развој на еколошко истражувачко новинарство“, финансиран од страна на Делегацијата на Европската унија во Скопје, Центарот за еколошка демократија ФЛОРОЗОН објавува повик за ангажирање на продукциска куќа за изработка на промотивно видео кое ќе се однесува на порталот
Сите заинтересирани продукциски куќи може да ги најдат потребните информации на следниот линк.


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